MistTrack FAQ


01What should I do if my cryptocurrency has been stolen?

We receive a significant number of daily submissions from users whose cryptocurrencies (btc, eth, etc.) have been stolen.

First and foremost, we regret to hear that your funds were stolen. We strongly recommend that you read the Blockchain Dark Forest Selfguard Handbook to increase your security knowledge and avoid other such scams.

You can also utilize our MistTrack.io to track the stolen funds, and you can use our monitoring tool to receive notifications on transfers and transactions in real time. If you'd like to use our product, please email us at Support@MistTrack.io


我们每天收到很多用户求助,说加密货币(btc、eth、usdt ...)被盗了,对此我们表示很遗憾。我们建议您阅读 Blockchain Dark Forest Selfguard Handbook 来提高您的安全意识,这样可以避免很多有风险的行为。您也可以使用 MistTrack 追踪平台 来追踪您丢失的加密货币,也可以用 MistTrack 的监控功能监控嫌疑地址,您所监控的地址上的资金一旦转移,您就会收到实时提醒。如果您想委托我们为您提供链上追踪服务,请联系我们的服务团队

02How can I check if the address I am about to interact with is malicious?

Using MistTrack.io, you can verify the other party's wallet address. The related risk alert will be presented in the AML Risk Score area, where you may see the transaction status of the other party's address in the Transaction Graph section.


如果您想查看您要转账的钱包地址是否存在风险,可以用 MistTrack 追踪平台 查询对方的钱包地址。您将在 AML Risk Score 版块看到对应的风险提示,并且您可以在 Transaction Graph 版块查看对方地址的交易情况。

03How do I use MistTrack to track stolen cryptocurrencies?

Enter the suspect's wallet address on the MistTrack.io, then double-click on the unexpanded node (address) in the Transaction Graph section to see the incoming and outgoing transactions of that node (address).

View the transaction information by clicking on the lines between nodes (addresses) and submit these findings to law enforcement agencies as evidence.

如何使用 MistTrack 追踪被盗的加密货币?

如果您的加密货币被盗了,您可以在 MistTrack 追踪平台 输入嫌疑人的钱包地址进行查询,然后在 Transaction Graph 版块双击未拓展过的节点(地址)得到该节点(地址)的进出交易情况,点击节点(地址)间的线条查看交易明细,最后寻找相关的线索,配合警方定位到犯罪嫌疑人。

04Can I get my ETH/BTC/USDT and other cryptocurrencies back after being scammed?

It is less likely that your funds will be recovered if you encountered professional scammers. Nevertheless, you may still use the MistTrack.io to evaluate on-chain analytics and search for pertinent clues.

我的 ETH/BTC/USDT 等加密货币被骗了还能找回来吗?

如果您遇到的是专业的骗子团伙,找回的可能性比较小。但我们仍建议您使用 MistTrack 追踪平台 进行加密资产转移链路分析,尝试找出相关线索。

05Who stole my ETH/BTC/USDT and other cryptocurrencies?

If you want to discover as much as possible about the suspect, you can utilize MistTrack.io to query the hacker's wallet address, analyze on-chain data to identify relevant clues, and collaborate with law enforcement to locate the perpetrator.

谁偷了我的 ETH/BTC/USDT 等加密货币?

如果您想尽可能的了解嫌疑人,可以用 MistTrack 追踪平台 查询黑客的钱包地址,分析链上的加密货币转移情况,寻找相关的线索,配合警方定位到犯罪嫌疑人。

06I’ve been phished and all my coins are gone. What should I do?

We recommend that you immediately submit a report with law enforcement. Then, search for a trustworthy on-chain investigation service to assist you in locating the stolen funds.

Finally, present all findings to the authorities so they can assist you with recovering your stolen funds. Additionally, you can conduct your own investigation using the MistTrack.io to seek for any pertinent clues.


如果您的加密货币被盗,我们建议您先报案并立案,然后找专业的链上追踪服务团队帮助您分析线索,并配合警方一起尝试侦破案件。您也可以自己在 MistTrack 追踪平台 上进行追踪分析,寻找相关的线索。

07How do I monitor the address?

Click the Monitor button beneath the Transaction Graph section after entering the wallet's address in MistTrack.io. Enter the email address to which alerts should be sent, and then click submit. All transactions, including transfers from this wallet address, will be emailed to you in real time.


您可以在 MistTrack 追踪平台 输入该钱包地址进行查询,然后在 Transaction Graph 版块中点击 Monitor 按钮,再填写您的邮箱和监控说明,提交后就监控成功了。如果这个钱包地址有任何交易转移,您就会收到实时提醒的邮件。

08How do I report malicious addresses?

Once the address has been put into MistTrack.io, look for a red flag icon in the overview section. Click the Report button and complete the required fields, such as Report Type and Description, before uploading photographs as proof. Once received, we will verify its accuracy before adding it to our database of malicious email addresses.


您可以在 MistTrack 追踪平台 输入该钱包地址进行查询,找到红色小旗子标识,点击 Report 按钮,并填入相关信息,如:Report Type、Description,再上传图片。提交后,我们会进行审查。